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The Big Show now has a new fen community at tbs_backstage. Please go there and join up for your OOC/Fen link to The Big Show. There will be an important message up there today regarding muses.

Thanks to our sweep, we will now have more big fandom muses available than ever. Muses you can't get anywhere else, right here. But bear with us as we are slow getting to every app, because of the changes and the fact we only have two mods.

The new muse list and application community will be at tbs_casting. We've got about 15 applications that we are working through so bear with us.

We won't be deleting this comm. But it is closed.


We are currently under construction. The name change has happened, and we will be building new layouts, a new fen community and a new Muse List and Fandom Resource Center. There will be new rules, and a merging of a couple of communities into one. The Tammy Awards is renamed and becoming an actual part of this community. Lots of great changes going on.

We ask of you all one thing…patience. We are now down to two mods. I would like to take the opportunity to thank jody_macaroni and princess_blues, who have both decided to retire from their mod positions. That leave just two of us to try and finish all of this and keep the prompts going. Applications will reopen tomorrow, but it will be slow going, so bear with us.

One of the first, and most important things we are doing is creating a new rules and guidelines “manual” that will encompass a bit more than just standard community rules. It will also contain some basic conduct and playing standards that will become a part of our community, with a clear procedure for grievances and complaints.

So, again, we are down to two moderators. So let us know if there is a problem, ping us here and we will get back to you. The email addy hasn’t changed yet.

Thanks for being patient. We hope to have everything back to what passes for normal as soon as possible.



*looks around*


Okay, look, here’s the lowdown and the rundown of how we’re gonna get down and go downtown.


Can you handle the prompts?

Not just the usual, same old prompts, man. We got the quality stuff here. We got hard to find lyrics. Quotes. Single word, two word, ten word…yeah, we got you. We got pictures that will make you jump. We got lists. Make your list or go hunt with ours. Draw a map, make a picture, use a lol macro. First lines? Baby, we’ll lay out the lines. Scenarios? Oh, baby, we got you! Roleplay prompts. Mun prompts. OOC discussion prompts about fandom, current series and other hot topics. Debates. Compare and contrast. Setting exercises. YOU CAN’T HANDLE THESE PROMPTS!

Awards? Well, yeah, there’s the Tammys that everyone can be a part of…that’s cool. Of course, there are also going to be Tammys just for OUR members. That’s right, babies, Tammy Awards that are just for YOU! A whole section of awards just for the actors and writers here at The Big Show. Do you love it? We knew you would!

Rate me, BITCH! You can submit your prompts and fics to be rated by the community!

Fen? Oh, we got the fen. You know those boring intros that feel like an AA meeting? Uh…no more. Now we’ll have Intro Prompts. Your new muse could walk the catwalk, dance on a pole, sit in the dunk tank, have an audition for American Idol, have a job interview, be put on the witness stand or interrogated by the cops…you decide!

Tabloid News has been renamed, and it is now just for The Big Show.

More is coming. New rules…new ways to give you the most creative place to play in Livejournal. Hold on, we’re on it…just watch it grow.

The Big Show is here.


Realm of the Muse is one of the biggest, and in our not-so-humble opinions, best muse communities in Livejournal. The reason it is the fantastic place it is? Why, that’s you! And YOU…and you…oh, you over there…no,not you…oh, okay, you, but stop digging in your ear with that pencil.

ALL of you.
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Applications to Realm of the Muse are on hold until further notice.

Jan. 30th, 2008

Hello. I'm afraid I'm a little late in making my introduction, but late is better than never, isn't it?

My name is Niki Harris, and, at present, I'm living in Boston. I work in the theatre, but I've only done regional work before. I'm hoping that I'll be able to make the move to New York soon, though. I'm afraid I'm not sure how else to continue, but I assure you that I am not at all averse to taking any questions.

Thank you, I look forward to meeting you all.

[ ooc; Annnd here she is. She's open for chat and RP and all that. Responses may be a little slow, so bear with me. ]
Hello! I'm the Doctor. Introductions are much better when they're reciprocated, I feel.

[OOC: Here we have the Seventh incarnation of the Doctor. I also play the Fourth, so bear with me as I shift between headvoices randomly. He's open for chat and RP and such. And he's friendly, when he's not 'well devious.']

Introductions at thetenspot_ooc

If you have found yourself walking underneath the warmth of daylight, you have both myself and my husband, Aether, to thank. I have heard you sigh your wistful praises: "What a beautiful day!" "It's gorgeous outside!" and so forth, yet I have never heard you explicitly thank either of us. It is to be expected; most do not think of who or what causes such wondrous things to occur. We knew that praises would be far and few between when we were born.

However, this is an introduction, and with that comes my saying -- Hello, I am Hemera. Most have not heard of me since the writings of the Theogony are few when it comes to me, and accounts vary depending on the writer. I will set the record straight:

I am the Goddess of Day. My brother and consort is Aether, the God of Light. Our mother was Nyx, the Goddess of Night, and our father was Erebos, the son of Chaos. Together, Aether and I produced three children: Gaia, Goddess of Earth; Thassala, Goddess of the Sea; and Ouranous, also known as Father Heaven (I do believe your understanding of his name is written Uranus). Without us, the world you inhabit would not exist.

And now, should you walk outdoors with the sun kissing the sweat of your brow, perhaps you will pay a little more mind to Aether and I and all we have given you. I do not smite often since I believe mortals and humans suffer enough as it is, but if greatly crossed, I may have to change my mind.

OOC: Hemera is open for any sort of interaction, including RP. (:


Hi, my name's Tara Brennan. I live in Princeton, New Jersey, working at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital doing my residency and internship towards a medical specialty in Oncology.

I was born and bred in Ireland, until I moved with my parents to New York to do my MD at New York University. I'm an only child, but kept my parents' hands full enough for a family of about six. I recently got engaged to fellow doctor and colleague, Lachlan Campbell. He's Scottish, so there may be a few heated debates about where to actually hold the wedding. I'm pretty sure he's a keeper, because he proposed with the infamous Blue Box. Most fellow females will know what I mean by this.

I'm never really sure what else to say in these things, so I guess I'll just throw in a few random facts. I'm a recently diagnosed Diabetic, which completely killed my junk food addiction. I have developed unhealthy kilt fetish of late, although have no aversion to tearing them off if necessary. My boss is Dr James Wilson. My favourite food is pizza. I know Dr House through his link with my boss, but I think the evil bastard routine is just an act. I'm so flat-chested, push-up bras don't even work. I've just gone through some tough times, but hoping things are finally on the med.

So, hello! It's nice to meet you all.

(ooc: Tara is an Original Character based in the House, M.D. fandom. She is an resident/intern in Dr James Wilson's Oncology department. You can find her extensive bio and character history on her profile. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.)


Hey. This is me talking and by me I mean William. I can't fucking stand people sticking their huge noses in my business, but I decided to talk, so I'll talk some. I guess it's a special occasion after all. I'm sixteen and currently living in the hell hole, also known as Espoo, Finland. I'm not even starting on how I got here.

If you ever happen to visit Finland, or just want someone to chat with on the phone or some shit, I'm sure I can show you a good time.


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